In this video essay written by author Grafton Tanner (Babbling Corpses, The Circle of the Snake, The Hours Have Lost Their Clock), we discuss what Martin Scorsese got wrong in his analysis of "theme park cinema" and what further ramifications that style of filmmaking has on wider society. 
Grafton Tanner's new book "The Hours Have Lost Their Clock" is available from Repeater Books:
"In The Hours Have Lost Their Clock, Grafton Tanner charts the rise of nostalgia in an era knocked out of time. Nostalgia is the defining emotion of our age. Political leaders promise a return to yesteryear. Old movies are remade and cancelled series are rebooted. Veterans reenact past wars, while the displaced across the world long for home. But who is behind this collective ache for a home in the past? Do we need to eliminate nostalgia, or just cultivate it better? And what is at stake if we make the wrong choice?" 
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