Vigil for Mawda, Dunkirk – May 2018

“Mawda, 2 years old…has died in Belgium in the early hours of Thursday 17th May following a police chase.

She was in a vehicle with around 30 other people, including her family. The Guardian has reported that the police gave chase and opened fire on the van in order to stop it. A bullet is believed to have penetrated the vehicle and hit her in the cheek. This was followed by a 45 minute stand-off while the situation was assessed, while the girl’s mother screamed for help. In short, a 2 year old girl has died at the hands of the police in Western Europe.” – Refugee Info Bus, The Digital Warehouse

May 25 2018 a vigil was held for Mawda, who tragically passed away after a Belgian police officer shot her in the face. Surviving members of her family, the local French and Kurdish communities, along with members of Refugee aid associations gathered to pay their respects to a young life cut short.