Children looking on at Gendarmes as over 1000 people are evicted from the unofficial Grande-Synthe refugee camp, France, October 2018 – Published in the National.

My name is Adrian Abbott.

I am a multi-disciplinary creative who has a passion for telling stories.

Commercial Advertising:

I looked over shoulders as a runner at Marshall Street Editors and the Edit & Sound Store, and I had the opportunities working as a video editor at The Corner London and served as assistant to the directing duo WE.  You can view some of my work in this sector here.

Manchester United Kit Launch Adverts, June 2015

Charity Communications:

In 2019 I have worked as a Content Producer for Refugee Info Bus, Lift the Ban Coalition, Freedom from Torture and UNAIDS. The work was varied, from short magazines, recipe books and Christmas cards to short documentary work, video essay explainers and animations for social media.

The year before, I took on a Field Communications Manager role for Help Refugees in Northern France. The social-media content my team and I created reached tens of thousands of people. Our short-form video work has had thousands of hours of viewing time.

I have assisted with the creation of promotional materials for reports such as “Calais: The Police Harassment of Volunteers” and “Police Violence in Calais: Abusive and Illegal Practices by Law Enforcement Officers“, both of which made international news. During this time I also worked alongside other NGO’s such as Refugee Women’s Centre, Refugee Youth Service, Utopia 56, L’Auberge des Migrants to help create bespoke media content for their communication platforms.

Anti-Fascist protestors face off with police officers protecting an Islamophobic demonstration.


As a photographer my work has been featured in The Independent, BBC, Al Jazeera, Wales Online, The National and Geographical Magazine.

Puythock Refugee Camp, France, October 2018 – Published in The Independent.


You can find me on Vimeo, Instagram and Medium.

If you have a project you would like to talk about or to simply get in contact please send a message to: